Data is everywhere and its volume is ever
increasing. How have you been leveraging that ?

Knowledge is key for a succesful AI solution implementation

AI Networks offers an extensive set of AI-focused training & consulting solutions. We treat and select data for artificial intelligence solutions to maximize business success across a wide range of industries.

At AIN, we analyze how AI can help a client’s business, do the necessary research on their behalf, and implement the practical solutions identified.

Companies, in any industry, to keep their business pace require requires applications and business processes that are highly automated, adaptable, and agile. By holistically harnessing AI, your business can become more profitable and significantly reduce wasted time and losses.



AI as a Service

We believe in a full-inclusive AI approach making the world a better place to work, live and enjoy. AI-as-a-Service is AI Networks approach to democratize artificial intelligence benefits throughout the society allowing our partners to save time, money and experience gains in scale.

our solution

We offer an extensive set of solutions ranging from expert bots and agents, to data & analyst engines in a wide range of business domains such as education, retail and others.

Business analysis

Why should you spend thousands or even millions of dollars in AI efforts, if you could consume it on demand and leverage Machine Learning assets in a collective way? If you’re concerned with that, consider AI Networks AIaaS as a valuable option.



AI Transformation 

Effective AI strategy demands experience and a broad understanding of Data Science combined with business acumen. At AI Networks, we are prepared to provide the necessary insights that will lead your company to a more effective way of doing business.

Feasibility Analysis

We provide operational feasibility analysis on how well a proposed AI solution would appropriately be able to support your business development.

Data & Analytics

We deliver a comprehensive analysis work, which is key to adequately plan for the build up of algorithms that can identify key optimization opportunities for your business.


Knowledge transfer

Skills for you and your business

Designed to support both, executive and technical teams readiness, on the new front of Artificial Intelligence exploitation. AI Networks offers in-company workshops ranging from introductory concepts to advanced topics. 

AI Fundamentals

Designed for business people who want to understand what AI is, what are the best use-cases which can add value to one's businesses, and how they can design a winning strategy using AI.

Training and webinars

The perfect approach for anyone who wants to get solid know-how about AI implementation approaches, and best practices of how to implement a successful Machine Learning strategy.